About Us

STF Electrical Engineering PTE LTD, formerly know as San Tuck Fatt Electrical and Contractors CO. was established since 1975. The company was incorporated in 2011 and renamed as STF Electrical Engineering PTE LTD.

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Rewinding of A.C. Generator Stator
Rewinding of generator rotor
Rewinding of R.O.V motor
Rewinding of R.O.V motor
Rewinding of R.O.V motor
Rewinding of submersible pump
Rewinding of submersible pump
Blower Fan


We have a wide range of equipments to provide quality services in rewinding and repair activities:
  • Winding Machine (For motor)
  • Rotor Winding Machine (For generator)
  • M/G Set - Testing of Motor up to 500 HP
  • High Voltage Transformer
  • Testing of R.O.V. motor 60Hz
  • Electric Oven (For baking of motor)

Contact Us

Block 16 Kallang Place #01-26/27 Singapore 339156
Tel: (65) 62939992 Fax: (65) 62961910
Registration No. 201132713C GST Reg. No. 201132713C
E-mail: enquiry@stfee.com.sg

Any feedback or questions? Feel free to contact us through our hotline number.